BrackinSchwartz PLLC works with all segments of the alcoholic beverage industry to ensure compliance with Texas’ unique liquor laws.

From Fortune 100 big box retailers to “mom and pop” C-stores; from large, multi-national brewers to small craft distilleries; from national chain restaurants to neighborhood taverns; and from private equity to shoestring startups, our clients rely on our ability to get them into business, maintain compliance and resolve any challenging enforcement hurdles.

Convenience Stores

We assist our convenience store clients in licensing, compliance and enforcement related issues. In addition to helping obtain TABC permits, we also have experience in obtaining other operating permits from floral to tobacco permits. We help our clients realize their full business potential while also assisting them with remaining compliant and with handling TABC and/or governmental authority violations and enforcement actions in a variety of situations, including:

  • Franchised or independent businesses
  • Single-store or multi-store deals
  • Traditional off-premise sales
  • On- and off-premise sales, e.g., an ice house
  • Off-premise sales with delivery direct to consumers

Bars & Restaurants

BrackinSchwartz handles alcohol-related licensing, compliance, and enforcement matters for various clients owning or operating bars and restaurants. Our clients also routinely call upon us to help them with operational permits ranging from alarm permits to health permits. We help you meet your goals whether you are interested in making and selling your own beer as a brewpub; selling traditional beer, wine, and/or spirits; or are interested in the possibility of delivery sales to customers outside your location.


Whether you are a delivery service, a grocery store, a package store, an entertainment venue, an airport lounge or any other business seeking to sell alcohol to ultimate consumers, we are here to help.  We help our clients understand and meet their needs, whether that involves dividing up spaces or addressing other unique needs.


Alcohol licensing for hotels is complex, but our vast experience can help streamline the entire process. We often begin by providing counsel to clients in determining whether a hotel manager and/or owner should hold the permit. We advise on how to set up alcohol sales for gift and sundry shops, bars, restaurants, pools, room service or any other need. Other considerations include times when outside alcohol can be allowed on the premises, charity events and a multitude of other situations unique to hotels.

Manufacturers, Distilleries, Breweries

Breweries, distilleries and wineries can present their own sets of unique liquor law challenges. In addition to the needs for both federal and state permits or licenses, there are a variety of other obstacles including, but not limited to, negotiating distribution agreements or establishing your self-distribution program, as well as knowing and obtaining label approval.

Distributors & Wholesalers (Wine & Spirits)

Distributors and wholesalers of wine and/or spirits fall within the middle tier of the three-tier alcohol industry. Whether you are just starting out your business and are looking for help in obtaining TABC and the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) licenses and permits, or are an established business, our firm provides value to you in a number of ways. We assist our distributor and wholesaler clients license or permit their new locations, and facilitate manufacturer distribution and wholesale agreements. We also  handle compliance matters, regulatory authority investigations, and enforcement actions.

Beer Distribution

Distributors face such issues as obtaining state and federal licenses or permits, negotiating distribution agreements, protecting their brands and marketing their products.


Festivals often fall in that category of “how hard can it be?” The answer: “very hard.” And alcohol is a small but critical consideration. We have worked with the owners, sponsors and promoters of some of the largest, most successful festivals in the country. Our expertise will guide you through all phases, including: determining where and how to sell alcohol, how to handle sponsorships from alcohol upper-tier members and clearing a festival though the TABC licensing and/or review process. Small city festivals with attendees in the hundreds and full-scale entertainment festivals hosting tens of thousands of guests require the same due diligence for a safe, successful and legally compliant festival.

Public Entertainment Facility & Sponsorship

Do you own or operate an arena, racetrack, stadium, amphitheater, auditorium, theater, civic center, convention center, or similar facility in Texas? Are you hoping to optimize that business by selling alcohol on premise? Are you negotiating sponsorships or granting naming rights from alcohol producers and manufacturers? There are ways to lawfully do this, but great care must be followed to comply with the alcohol laws in Texas. From negotiating alcohol service agreements and sponsorship agreements to obtaining pre-approval from TABC for such a facility, we have the expertise and knowledge you need to make this a reality.